Duct Cleaning Services in Toronto

Dust, mould and other pollutants that are present in your ventilation system can contribute to headaches, respiratory problems, allergies, poor vision and general overall health.

About Us

Meet the Europa Team

Europa Duct Cleaning is a family owned and operated business since 2004. We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction.

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Why Clean Your Ducts

Know the Facts

Many people are becoming aware of indoor air pollution. Today's homes are more air-tight and contain more synthetic materials in furnishing, carpets & building materials.

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How We Do It

Duct Cleaning 101

We use state of the art equipment that delivers enough suction power necessary to remove all of the dirt, dust and pollen from your home leaving you with nothing more than fresh, clean air.

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“We Don't Just Clean Air Ducts. We Clean The
Air You Breathe. Breathe Easy, Trust Europa Duct Cleaning.”