How We Do It!

We use state of the art equipment that delivers enough suction power necessary to remove all of the dirt, dust and pollen from your home leaving you with nothing more than fresh, clean air.

High Pressure Air Wand

Your First Step In Increasing Air Quality

We don't just use the high pressure air wand, it's merely the start. Our state of the art truck and equipment will get the job done right the first time. You have our word.

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Power Whipping

Cleaning What's Left Behind

In this second step, we shake loose any stubborn debris down into the main duct. From there we take the similar approach to individual vents. We really get down and dirty so to speak.

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Hi-Tech Brushing

A Guaranteed Super Clean

Considered to be optional, this step is designed for those homes that really require a further cleaning and potential possible mould build up and compiled stubborn debris.

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Vacuum Power

The final steps

Here is where we get down to the nitty gritty, we thoroughly ensure we remove all dust and conduct a top to bottom sweep to ensure any loose dust that is air borne and or settled around and near your vents.

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“We Don't Just Clean Air Ducts. We Clean The
Air You Breathe. Breathe Easy, Trust Europa Duct Cleaning.”