Never Breathe Dirty Air Again

Many people are becoming aware of indoor air pollution. Today's homes are more air-tight and contain more synthetic materials in furnishing, carpets & building materials.

Improve Your Families Air Quality

Main reasons to clean your ventilation system:

  • Allergies
  • Pet hair
  • Smokers in the house
  • Renovations / remodelling work
  • Moving into a new home, condo, apartment or office
  • Doctor recommended
  • New addition to the family (baby)
  • Breathe fresh indoor air

Pollen levels rise up and down all summer then slowly level off until fall when it starts to decline rapidly.

A thorough duct and system cleaning will remove the dust, debris, pet hair toys, construction material and whatever else has gotten into the system.

A thorough duct and system cleaning will increase the indoor air quality, increase air flow of the air handling system, making your heating and cooling equipment more efficient and longer lasting

Why or when should we clean our ducts?

We should clean our ducts on a regular basis (every 3-5 years) depending on the household. The area in which we live, (busy street, sub-division where there is a lot of dust and new construction) most importantly to breath clean air.

Other important reasons why and when.

Water in ducts; if you have the presence of any water in your ducts, mould growth may become a health issue. The first thing to do is solve the water problem by determining how it is getting into the system and fix that problem. Clean and disinfect the area and then clean the rest of the system.

Construction – If you have recently remodelled, renovated or moved into a new home, often sawdust, drywall dust and other construction debris makes its way into the ducts and should be removed before operating the system.

Furnace air flow issues; If you are having furnace airflow problem, there could be a significant blockage in the system that when removed could increase airflow.

Visual Inspection; If you can visually see debris or accumulated dust buildup in the ducts. Having small children who delight in hiding little toys etc. down a register, or having pets that shed regularly can both contribute to this problem.

What You Don't See

What's living in your vents...

Cleaning your ducts regularly due to the health issues caused by dust mites, mould, fungi, drywall dust, mouse droppings and other contaminants, will allow you and your family to not only see a difference, but feel the difference. See what a clean system will do for your families air. We'd love to hear from you!

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